L-ove what you do!
E-xcel in Competency
A-ct with Integrity
D-emonstrate Accountability
E-mpower Others
R-espond Humbly

I am with this amazing company where they are changing people’s lives everyday. The great part is, you only have to work part-time. I am truly blessed to be part of the family.

WiL Bonilla


17 thoughts on “About

  1. gruundehn

    As a retired NCO, I find your LEADER acrostic very much what any leader, civilian or military, should be doing. I thank you for liking my latest post and I hope that I inspire thought in my future posts. I think honest back-and-forth from posts is better than shouting at a crowd. You can be more personal and avoid having to dumb down what you say to appeal to the crowd all at once. One can talk to one and reach thousands without having to spread the comments so loose that they appeal to no one. That’s for my political. My personal I hope helps people understand that other people are people also and thus reduce the reliance on clichés and stereotypes.


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