I have been thinking of my dad more and more lately, I guess I miss him. He became god’s
warrior, my angel, on 4-26-13 about 2am, we got the call. I would do anything to sit with him while he watches wrestling clinching his fist because the foe/villain cheated the good guy and he lost the match, lol (he loved his wrestling). But we hadn’t watched wrestling in some time. He stopped watching, he stopped many things, going on walks, being his silly amazing self, and
unfortunately he didn’t even remember me months near the end. I didn’t let that get me down I just focused on how great of a husband, father and brother, he was, (GREAT MAN). He also had a wonderful relationship with his best friend GOD. When he enter the nursing home I knew from experience his quality of life would change. With diabetes, dialysis, high blood pressure and alzheimer’s disease, it would not be a winning battle. I miss my F a t h e r. All I can do now to make him proud of me is, to help as many people as I can, and God has given me the perfect tool to do so….


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