The non-achivers – passive people who stand around waiting for something to happen. You’ll find them in subordinate jobs for ten, twenty, or even thirty years. Non-achievers are satisfied to let others set goals for them. They like the comfort of being told what to do at every turn and the security of stable conditions.


Success is the result of your daily choices. Create habits and rituals that will allow you to experience new levels of achievement. At the start of each day, take some time for silence and reflection. Carveout a minimum of 30 minutes daily to generate ideas and focus on creating a new Newversion of yourself. Bring together people who can serve as advisers, give you knowledge and feedback to increase your progress. Create backup plans for mistakes, setbacks and Murphy’s Law. It’s all a part of the process. The only way to get to the next level is to take risks, explore new

strategies and collaborate with others. Unleash your power. Jumpstart your life. Make it happen! You have greatness within you!